Thursday, September 4, 2008

Asian Penis - Are they really tiny?

There has been many rumours and myths about the size of an Asian mans penis over the decades, Do Asian men really all have the smallest penis'?

After 20 years of scientific studies around the globe, much data has been agregated, and Although the top 5 smallest penis's belong to Asian Countries, there are a few that surprise.

With Korea, china, india, Thailand, and Nepal all holding the smallest penis titles averaging from 3.4 inches when erect to 3.9 inches. Japanese men actually tend to have a larger erect penis than American men, The average erect American penis is 5 inch's, the japanese average is at 5.1. The difference may be small, but they still poll above americans. And take indonesia where the Average is 6.7 Inche's, an asian country with larger than most western countries.

So basically, although the truth is that Asian men usually have small penis's, its not exclusive nor a sterotype that is held by some of them.


submissive123 said...

Im an asian male 17 years old, and 2.7 inches fully erect. The stereotypes are indeed true, we do tend to have much smaller penises comparatively. Ive been in the locker rooms with several other races and ive never seen an asian bigger than 5 inches. And if im correct the largest ever recorded Asian penis is 8.1 inches, which is not even close to your humongous member lol (btw compliments to your massive cock, its nearly 4 times the size of mine lol, i assume youre white?).
And on the other spectrum, i believe its not blacks at all ,but cacuasians who have the biggest wangs. A recent study showed that the average penis size of a caucasian male in the 5 biggest dick western countries is about 7.9 inches. Thats a 1.6 inches more than the top 5 blacks , and 4 inches more than the top 5 asian.
Back to the locker room situations ive never seen a white dong smaller than 6 or 7 inches, and most of them are around 8 or 9 , and ive have seen a fair amount like yourself with massive ones above that . A recent poll on an asian forum showed that a staggering 96 percent of asian girls would rather date white guys, with the resaons being white males have generous advantage in terms of masculinity, dominance, height , muscle mass and penis size (penis size was the most popular option) . Another website, based on data provided by a survey, worked out that on average , a white male will surpass the average asian erect length within his first few months of puberty, thats usually age 12-14. So i guess its safe to say you white guys have by far the biggest dongs, and are in general the most attractive to women. I guess us Asians will stick to maths !

Hope i didnt bore u with my wall of text lol

feiyang said...

I'm an Asian male, 19 years old, and 7.5 inches while erect. The person who left a comment above is suffering from the micropenis syndrome. This unfortunate condition can happen to males who are exposed to reduced androgen levels while in the mother's womb.

The stereotype, unlike what the poor individual above thinks, is false. I'm from China but I study in the United states and date a beautiful white girl. A lot of my friends from back home study here too and some of them, like me date white girls. I first found out about this stereotype after my American girlfriend and I were about to do it with each other When she saw me, she was visibly surprised and told me she didn't think I'd be this large and then told me about the stereotype. After asking my friends who date white girls about this, they told me that their girlfriends too, thought this.

In addition, submissive123's data is wrong, the stereotype is indeed false. I checked online, found this website, read submissive123's comment, searched around for his data (by which I don't just mean anecdotes of personal experience but also scholarly journals), and found almost NONE that were similar. Instead, the majority pointed towards mostly a correlation with height. Taller people generally have larger penises. Asians tend to be shorter, true, but not by much, and especially not now. Indeed, as the article above states, some data results were completely opposite of what this stereotype states.

Finally, it might even be the case that submissive123 is a troll. Who would name themselves that? It doesn't even relate to the comment, and neither does the math comment at the end. It sounds like another stereotype. In fact, these outlandish claims (how many men is submissive123 seeing to be able to tell that "most Asian penisespenis and "recent" interspersed with random data seem to be an attempt by a disguised troll to perpetuate this stereotype, or at least have a laugh at it. If you are in fact for real, submissive123, then I am truly sorry, but you are quite misinformed. Pay less attention to the media (mis)portrayals; they will only keep you in the dark.

sandyx said...

You are one racist white person. Funny that you are trying to criticize asians but at the same time pretend to be one for the sake of this forum. We must threaten you enough to wanna be us, even if its only for a few lines for false information. Shows what a low-life you are lol. We'll stick to math, but knowledge is power, power is money and if you've no money, you've no honey. Oh by the way, the average white male in americas average is 5 based on scientifical findings. Asians' average are 6 inches.

Darshan Rangari said...

Well dude i want to grow it. At least 6 inc. Bt would u tell me how?

achmad said...

I am 23 yrs indonesian male, and yes, mine is 6.5 inch when erect...
it's not generally true that "asian man mast have a small penis"

Sonya Arn said...

!!!!!Big dick...little dick....Yes size matters! !!!

MrStrange said...

I am 26 yr old Chinese. But, I am not from China.
I was born & live in a Southeast Asia country.

My erect penis length is just 4.5 inches even if I measure with pubic bone-pressessed from upper side.
My erect mid-shaft penis circumference is just 3.6 inches.

I feel very insecure about my penis size.

So, the stereotype is true for me.

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zackarekun said...

i'm 23 years old asian with 5.5 inches fully errect... average i guess

Unknown said...

I'm Jaytee, 28 Vietnamese male from Orange County California.

I'm an averaged size at 6.3 inches measured to the exact. Some days its 5.8, some days its 6.5. It all depends on how exhausted that muscle is. If it is used more it will reveal a smaller size.. if it is well rested it will reveal its normal size.

Try not jerking for meat for like.. 2-3 months and you shall seeeeeeeee.

I'm sorry for any guy with something under 5 inches, but truth is... if you're lacking in size down south.. you better learn how to use your mouth.

I really dont care about the stereotype.. it actually works for me than against me.. If a girl thinks youre gonna have a small penis because of a stereotype and you pull down your pants? She'll be like "WHY HELLO!" ;)