Tuesday, September 9, 2008

circumcision. is it for the best?

Cut or Uncut.
What is the difference?

For centuries the debate on wether a man's penis should be cut or left intact has raged on, the main fight for pro cutting is the one of Religion, Islam, Judism, and Coptic Christians all face having the chop.

In north America they are force fed tripe that is not natural to have an un-cut penis, that it is dirty somehow! thats a very ignorant and stupid opinion belived through lack of education on the matter (Probably also why the USA has the largest percentage of HIV/AIDS/STI/STD in the developed world). ....This is not an attack on Americans, just an opinion as to why the matters are as they are.

Across Europe, South east Asia (most of) The UK, Russia, China and Australia its not a common sight to see a cut penis, people are educated on sexual safety and about the penis as a whole.

Another Pro cutting reason is in the interests of male personal hygiene, Which is actually pretty much a weak argument for the choice of curcumcision, In fact there is no need for any man to be dirty downstairs. With ultra modern advances with items such as "Soap" and "Water" men do not need to accomodate a cheddar cheese factory in their pants. (Although circumcised men do not need to spend as much time washing down there, they tend to be more relaxed on the hygiene aspect and smell slightly funny at times)

So what are the benefits of being un-circumsised?

Heightened sexual pleasure (one of the main reason's religions back the op)
Longer more comfortable erections.
protection from irritation and friction.
Less likely to suffer with sores/open wounds.
100% Natural as intended.

Benefits of being Circumsised?

Slightly easier to cleanse.
satissfaction on a personal religious level.
less likely to suffer from Thrush.
Pleases the parents.

Now, i myself do not have a preference on Either, as a child i was Uncut, up until the age of 18 i was left intact. But due to an above average size penis (9. 8 innches) my foreskin was a little tight so i chose to get circumsised.

So what have i noticed since having the cut done?

well my sexual pleasure has waned, the tip seems sensitised now and the head skin has thickened slightly which makes intercourse a lot less pleasurable, and i mean a lot less. I suffer with chafing on my clothes and the sensation when masturbating is not as pleasant, it is uncomfortable to the point that my erection can dissapear. I have kept on top of my hygiene as even after pee-ing urine can stick to the glans and its not what i like. BUT, astheticaly it kinda looks a bit nicer, large viewable head, and smoothe.

One last problem thats slightly embarrasing is that as its kinda large, when i go to the gym, where the foreskin has gone and the head is now out, its more pronounced in my gym gear and you can see the shape of it. But not a major problem.

Do i agree with circumsision? 50/50. I believe that its a decision that should be made by an Adult male (as in the person who the penis belongs to, though most guys wives actually probably believe they own that, lol)

My views on child circumcision? thats to be a whole new chapter in itself.

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