Thursday, September 4, 2008

Average Penis size by Country

Listed below are the average penis sizes by country (natives)

The penis comes in many wonderful shapes and sizes, some are long and thin like pencils, some are short and thick like mushrooms, some bend to the left, some swing to the right. Some have bulbous heads, while others look like bullets, theres horse hung, mouse hung, black, white, yellow, veiny, smooth, and even micro.

Whatever the size, thats not whats important, most woman agree its down to the girth and how its used.

So for your reference, find below the average penis size per country (This is aimed at the natives of that country and not the immigrants and Expats, etc.)

USA- Erect 12.9 cm. 5 in. Flacid 8.8 cm. 3.4 in.
Germany- Erect 14.48 cm. 5.6 in. Flacid 8.8 cm. 3.4 in.
Spain- Erect 13.58 cm. 5.3 in. Flacid 8cm. 3.1 in.
UK- Erect 18.3 cm. 7.2 in. Flacid 12.4 cm. 4.9 in.
France- Erect 16 cm. 6.2 in Flacid 12 cm. 4.7 in
Japan- Erect 13 cm. 5.1 in Flacid 8 cm. 3.1 in.
Brazil- Erect 12.4 cm. 4.8 in Flacid 8cm. 3.1 in.
Italy- Erect 15 cm. 5.9 in Facid 10 cm. 3.9 in.
Mexico- Erect 14.9 cm. 5.87 in Flacid 12 cm. 4.7 in.
Greece- Erect 12.1 cm. 4.8 in. Flacid 8 cm. 3.1 in.
India- Erect 9.6 cm 3.8 in. Flacid 9.6 cm. 3.8 in.
Saudi- Erect 12.4 cm. 4.8 in. Flacid 8 cm. 3.1 in.
Chile- Erect 14 cm. 5.5 in Flacid 10 cm. 3.9 in.
Columbia- Erect 13.9 cm. 5.4 in. Flacid 8 cm. 3.1 in.
Korea- Erect 9.6 cm. 3.7 in Flacid 6.1 cm 2.4 in.
Thailand- Erect 9.9 cm 3.9 in Flacid 6.1 cm 2.4 in.
Nepal- Erect 9. 3 cm 3.7 in Flacid 6.1 cm 2.4 in.
Africa- Erect 18.3 cm 7.2 in Flacid 16.3 cm 6.4 in.
China- Erect 9.6 cm 3.7 in Flacid 6.1 cm 2.4 in.
Indonesia- Erect 16.3 cm 6.4 in Flacid 10 cm 3.9 in.
Australia- Erect 15.5 cm 6.1 in Flacid 9.6 cm 3.8 in.

All Data is scientific studies held within that country, freely available as resourses of comparison. I myself am Swiss which is not yet listed as studies are now underway.

So The above Data shows some intersting figures.

With the top 5 for largest erections.......

Africa at 7.2 inches
Uk 7.2 inches
Indonesia 6.4 inches
France 6.2 Inches
Australia 6.1 inches.

The top 5 smallest erections are-

Korea 3.7 inches
nepal 3.7 inches
china 3.7 inches
India 3.8 inches
Thailand 3.9 inches

What is intersting is that people assume all Asians have the smallest penis's, but if you look closely you will see that Japanese men actually tend to have larger penis's and erections than Americans, as does indonesia.


Cyb3rCr!me said...

Hello there,
How did you gather these data. I am totally unaware of any kind of research in Nepal regarding the penis size. So I think the 3.7 inch of Nepali might not be correct. I talked with few friends if they knew about any such research in Nepal but all were unaware.

Plus, I myself have penis length of 14.9 cm (5.86 inch) & I've seen few Nepali porns (& they are not that so small) so I don't think average penis length of Nepali is just 3.7.

A.Shamshere said...

man, its based on gdp of country,not the real figure of penis size.I am Nepali and my penis size 14 cm .the website measured is GDP not penis size.I am the indigenous people of Nepal.

MrStrange said...

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nakedpenis said...

fuck the data because i have 4.85 inch long and 5 inch grith penis and some of my friend have same like mine and some have little bigger and some have little smaller but all have above 4.5 inch long.

Kimberly Sylvester said...

fuck that my african is bigger than my donkey, ok shetland pony, and asian brother according to his girlfriend is 1.3 on the hang, but my brother always said its not the size of your fishing pole, its how you wiggle your worm!!!

Kimberly Sylvester said...

fuck that my african is bigger than my donkey, ok shetland pony, and asian brother according to his girlfriend is 1.3 on the hang, but my brother always said its not the size of your fishing pole, its how you wiggle your worm!!!


THETRUTH!! said...

Irish penis erect 7 inches flaccid 4

Carlos Moulton said...

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primepeng said...

if indonesian people have that kind of size of penis, then where is the stereotype?

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