Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jelqing for size increase

The jelqing exercise has been claimed as a "mystical Asian art" by some or "an ancient Arabic tradition handed down father to son" by others. Whatever the truth, you must do this exercise exactly right for it to work!

Jelq works by forcing more blood into the penile chambers than they would normally accept during an erection, and by stretching the penile tissues. Over time these tissues will expand to accommodate the larger volumes of blood.

When performed correctly this exercise will work to increase both your length and Girth. You will also see an increase in vascularity and erection strength.

To perform the Jelq, achieve an erection about 80% hard (it is important to have an almost but not quite full erection for this exercise). Having a partial erection during Jelq is the second key step to enlargement success.

To start, take a damp, reasonably hot face towel and place over the penis, this helps to relax the muscles and increase blood flow to the area. remove once all heat is lost.

Your penis should be almost to erect size but still flexible.

Apply a generous amount of lubrication to your Penis. Grasp the penis at its base with your thumb and first finger encircling it in an OK sign. Your hand position can be palm facing up from underneath the penis with the thumb over the top or hand over the top of the penis palm facing down with the thumb encircling under.

Start with whichever is most comfortable to you.

Push your hand towards the head of your penis applying enough pressure to force blood forward toward the head. Release and immediately repeat with your other hand.

Continue to switch hands as you perform the exercise. Each Jelq stroke should last about 3 seconds. This should be a slow, steady and powerful movement. You should be able to see your penis expanding to its limits as you push blood up the shaft.

Don't worry about counting strokes you will be milking for at leat 10 minutes to begin twice daily.

You will probably need to take short breaks while Jelqing to rest your hands or regain a partial erection.

In week one, start twice daily at 10 minute sessions, by week 2 you should be twice daily at 20 minute sessions, work this up weekly until you get 2 one hour sessions. By this time you will notice a major improvement in the length, and more noticable will be the Girth increase.


If you experience intense stinging or pain your putting to much pressure on it.

Brusing is common and not anything to worry about.

You may experience damaged skin (tears, chafes etc) leave it a day or 2 and restart.

If you experience pain during climax/urinating discontue this method.

Results tend to be on average a gain or 1-2 inches when erect, girth can go up to as much as 3 inches extra. Results are not immediate, in fact it takes many months to yield sattisfying results.


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