Thursday, September 4, 2008

Black mens size? is it a myth?

For many decades people have wondered if its true that black men exclusively carry a larger tool in their pants, According to aggregated data over the last 20 years it would appear that there is some truth in the matter. But studies have also revealed that many brithish men (England, Scotland and Wales) also have penises to rival them, and in some cases surpass them. Infact, france too tends to beat them ever so slightly on occasion.

The average british penis when erect is at 7.2 Inches, it was previously thought to be around 6.4 inches, English males are usually slightly larger than their neighbours where in scotland and wales it is averages in at 6.8 inches.

The average black penis when erect is also at 7.2 inches, The myth that black men have larger penis's comes from the fact that Black mens Flacid penis's tend to be an average of 6.1 inches, which basically looks huge even when soft. The fact is that they dont grow much during erection, they tend to just rise and grow at about an inch when fully erect.

So in part the myth is true.......

Black men tend to have LARGER FLACID PENIS'S

But when it comes down to it, erections are matched by the UK and France.

(all data is scientific studies and available freely for review)

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