Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tongkat Ali- Effect Of Erections

The name Tongkat Ali literally means Ali’s walking stick, named after the long roots from which it is extracted. The tree itself grows to about ten metres high beneath the canopy of the Indonesian and malaysian rainforests.

Due to the increasingly heavy demand for the product, the older trees are rare and more difficult to find, most of the herbal preparation is extracted from younger trees. The tree itself is not easy to cultivate outside its natural environment, and is very slow growing at about 1/4 a meter per year.

Unlike many herbal remedies used throughout south east Asia, the effects of Tongkat Ali on the libido have been supported by scientific medical evidence, and it has been demonstrated to support the availability of unbound testosterone and to support hormonal balance in general.

It had been used for Centuries to promote desire and sexual ability long before the medical evidence was obtained to provide scientific support to what was already known by the indigenous population: that it was effective in improving sexual ability, stamina, and endurance and to reduce mental fatigue in general.

Longjack (as commonly and locally known as) increases the natural production of testosterone in the body and thus improving the male sex drive, and strangely enough discovered to do the same to women.

Women also have a need for testosterone to start up their sexual impulses. However, it is probably more important from a physiological point of view that testosterone is essential to women in that it increases the metabolic rate and accelerates the burning and elimination of fats, and the production of red blood cells and the development of muscle tissue.

Eurycoma longifolia, the scientific name for the tree, increases the amount of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the body. ATP, along with its cousin adenosine diphosphate (ADP), is responsible for the availability of energy for use by the body.

It is normally created from ADP and glucose, and an increased availability in the blood can reduce the fatigue caused by its consumption through vigorous exercise. However, if too much ATP is available, the subject can suffer from insomnia and restlessness since there is too much ATP in the body.

The function of the ATP is to provide available energy that can be used by the muscles in exercise. When energy is used up the ATP is converted to ADP, which needs more glucose to reform the ATP. If there is excess ATP, it is like a charged battery within the body, and we become restless until the energy available is used up.

Another benefit of this amazing substance is that it helps the body to increase its own production of sex hormones, rather than simply provide them for it. Tongkat Ali treatment does not provide a supply of testosterone, but stimulates your body to produce its own, which is healthier and notably better for it in the long term.

Possible Side Effects
possible reduction in your immune functions.

There are also other possible side effects if you suffer from diabetes, or heart liver or kidney disease, and you should always refer to your doctor before commencing its use. If you start off your treatment with small doses and check out the side effects at each stage, then you will be able to safely find out if these side effects relate to you. If not, then you are all set as long as you obey the advice of your physician.

Although not unusual, it is not common to find natural herbs that have such a profound effect on the libido and whose effect is backed up by scientific evidence. Tongkat ali is one of those, and although it is still currently mainly used in Asia, demand for it in the west is rising.


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